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UNO Premier


UNO Premier is a dynamic marketing company that was derived from the foundation of a very long history of Leadership, Management and Entrepreneurism. UNO Premier’s Mother Company UNO started its rising eight years ago and blossomed throughout the network marketing industry like rapid fire and became a network marketing sensation that has created over 800 Philippine millionaires over the short span of 8 years, which in itself is a natural phenomenon. Today UNO Premier has over 100 offices spread out nationwide in the Philippines.

Simplicity Leads To a Premier Life

Enjoy products in the categories of health, wellness, nutrition and beauty. Growing awareness on health issues and concerns has lead into a thriving trillion dollar industry in our generation. We either end up only as consumers in this industry or we participate in the creation of wealth through its distribution.

Grow Your Business Worldwide

The Company’s objective is to be one of the world’s leading provider of wealth creation opportunities. In this tough industry we will set a new pace in helping people achieve their goals and dreams. We will change the lives of thousands and bring people a peace of mind.


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